DJ Artes is a 25 years old DJ and producer. Music is his way of expressing himself, connecting with the audience, his way of life.

He started to spin music in clubs in Slovenia at the age of 15, that was the beginning of his career. Later on, he decided to start working as a producer and began working on music in commercial form Club House and Electro House Music.

It is difficut to break through with this type of music. Electro House music is such a widespector, the audience is specific, the quality of music is important, therefore many DJ-s aim to succeed across borders since Slovenian music space is still too small. But DJ Artes has what is takes to be an uprising star. DJ Artes music tells a story through the sound and the beat of Electronic music. His progess in Electronic music is remarkable and he will continue to make and create quality music. 

Go dancing and beyond with DJ Artes!


His first track is "Don't say goodbye". The track "Don't say goodbye" was released with Marivent Music International (MMI) label from Palma de Mallorca - Spain.


Then he upgraded his sound and released "Always".


He released a new track featuring Even from California - it's called "I Remember".


He released a new track with the cooperation of an agency from California with Filip. It's called "Sleep without you".


New track with agency. It's called " Blue Lagoon ".